ai-chatbot-framework:A python chatbot framework with Natural Language Understanding and Artificial Intelligence.

一个Python 的 AI Chatbot框架

建立一个聊天室可以听起来很棒,但它是完全可行的。 IKY是一个内置于Python中的AI动力对话对话界面。 使用IKY,很容易创建自然语言会话场景,无需编码工作。 平滑的UI使得轻松创建和训练机器人的对话,并且随着从与人们的对话中学习而不断变得更聪明。 IKY可以通过将API与该平台集成在您所选择的任何渠道(如Messenger,Slack等)上。

您不需要成为人工智能的专家来创建具有人工智能的真棒聊天机。 有了这个基本的项目,你可以随时创建一个人工智能动力聊天机。可能有几十个错误。 所以随时可以通过拉请求作出贡献。

An AI Chatbot framework built in Python

Building a chatbot can sound daunting, but it’s totally doable. IKY is an AI powered conversational dialog interface built in Python. With IKY it’s easy to create Natural Language conversational scenarios with no coding efforts whatsoever. The smooth UI makes it effortless to create and train conversations to the bot and it continuously gets smarter as it learns from conversations it has with people. IKY can live on any channel of your choice (such as Messenger, Slack etc.) by integrating it’s API with that platform.

You don’t need to be an expert at artificial intelligence to create an awesome chatbot that has artificial intelligence. With this basic project you can create an artificial intelligence powered chatting machine in no time.There may be scores of bugs. So feel free to contribute via pull requests.


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