PySC2 – StarCraft II Learning Environment

PySC2 是 DeepMind 的“星际争霸II学习环境”(SC2LE)的Python组件。 它暴露了暴雪娱乐公司的星际争霸II机器学习API作为Python RL环境。 这是DeepMind和暴雪之间的合作,将星际争霸II发展成为RL研究的丰富环境。 PySC2为RL代理提供了一个与星际争霸2进行交互的接口,获取观察和发送动作。


PySC2 is DeepMind’s Python component of the StarCraft II Learning Environment (SC2LE). It exposes Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft II Machine Learning API as a Python RL Environment. This is a collaboration between DeepMind and Blizzard to develop StarCraft II into a rich environment for RL research. PySC2 provides an interface for RL agents to interact with StarCraft 2, getting observations and sending actions.

We have published an accompanying blogpost and paper, which outlines our motivation for using StarCraft II for DeepRL research, and some initial research results using the environment.


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