T2T: 张量到张量转化器-T2T: Tensor2Tensor Transformers

T2T是一个模块化的并且可扩展的库,并且可以基于 TensorFlow 进行监督学习,也有对队列任务的支持。谷歌大脑团队的研究人员和工程师经常的使用,并且维护这个项目。你可以阅读更多关于 Tensor2Tensor 的内容在:https://research.googleblog.com/2017/06/accelerating-deep-learning-research.html

T2T is a modular and extensible library and binaries for supervised learning with TensorFlow and with support for sequence tasks. It is actively used and maintained by researchers and engineers within the Google Brain team. You can read more about Tensor2Tensor in the recent Google Research Blog post introducing it.

We’re eager to collaborate with you on extending T2T, so please feel free to open an issue on GitHub or send along a pull request to add your data-set or model. See our contribution doc for details and our open issues. And chat with us and other users on Gitter.

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