Fabrik – 在浏览器中协作构建,可视化,设计神经网络

Fabrik是一个在线协作平台,通过简单的拖放界面来构建,可视化和训练深度学习模型。 它允许研究人员使用Web GUI协同开发和调试模型,该GUI支持导入,编辑和导出广泛流行的框架(如Caffe,Keras和TensorFlow)编写和导出的网络。

Fabrik is an online collaborative platform to build, visualize and train deep learning models via a simple drag-and-drop interface. It allows researchers to collaboratively develop and debug models using a web GUI that supports importing, editing and exporting networks written in widely popular frameworks like Caffe, Keras, and TensorFlow.

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